A couple of weeks ago I had a 1-2-1 photo session with the super talented Danielle Smith Photography learning how to use my SLR Camera. As a florist it’s a must for me to capture all the arrangements i do beautifully, and after months of my camera sitting on the shelf collecting dust it was time to put it to good use!

For the first part of the session Danielle talked me through important photography terms like ISO, aperture, shutter speed and depth of field, In addition to this we also discussed using social media platforms such as Instagram to get the best out of your images

Then it was time to head outside to take some PICTURES!, in my initial brief I told Danielle I wanted my pictures to have a soft and dreamy look and she recommended a Nikkon 50mm lens for me to purchase which worked beautifully for what i wanted to achieve.

​I bought flowers before Danielle arrived and put together a bouquet ready to use for the shoot, up until the 1:1 session I had been using my good old iPhone camera for pictures but getting the right lighting around the house proved tricky at times! However, Danielle was great at showing me how to take advantage of the lighting available to me and with the 50mm lens I was able to take photos with a shallow depth of field which means give the photos a blurry background so the flowers  are the only thing in focus. She also took me through some basic editing but explained that if my camera is set up correctly then I shouldn’t need to edit too much.

Below are some of the pictures i took at the session, all of these are straight from the camera with no editing and filters – impressive huh!

if like me you’re a total novice and want improve to improve your photography skills I would highly recommend booking in some time with Danielle! She was so helpful and was happy to travel to Kent which is where I’m based for the session!

Funmi xx